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The event will be in Cyberport 3, at the Cyberport Facility in Hong Kong, September 19-22, 2016.

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Michael Gilmour

Founder 创始人
Melbourne, Australia 墨尔本,澳大利亚
出生于澳大利亚墨尔本的Michael在他16岁的时候就创立了他的第一家公司,自那之后的20多年来,他一直是一名活跃的互联网企业家。在拿到MBA学位并创建了多家电子商务公司后,Michael以总监身份供职于极富声望的澳大利亚互联网行业协会(Australian Internet Inudstry Association),并在最近两届被推选为副主席。作为董事会的一员,他对互联网政策,特别是为电脑犯罪、版权保护方面做出了很大的贡献,他还领导委员会为澳大利亚的互联网广告建立规范制度。Michael作为域名投资人已长达14年。他和他的商业伙伴,David Gibbs,创办了ParkLogic,致力于帮助投资人将域名投资收入最大化,同时也为全球客户管理域名投资组合。Michael还常常通过自己的博客whizzbangsblog.com发表域名相关的评论,同时也经常担任各种国际域名活动的演讲嘉宾。对写作和阅读充满热情的他在近期完成了他的第一本科幻小说《Battleframe》,并将于1月正式出版。今年是他与妻子Roselyn结婚的第27年,他们的婚姻幸福美满,还生了三个可爱的孩子。

Born in Melbourne, Australia Michael founded his first business when he was 16 years old and has been an avid Internet entrepreneur for over 20 years. After completing his MBA and founding a number of ecommerce businesses Michael served as a director of the prestigious Australian Internet Industry Association, the last two of which he was elected to the position of vice-chairman. As a member of the board he contributed to forming Internet industry policies for; cyber-crime, copyright as well as chairing the committee for establishing the online advertising standards for Australia.Michael has been a domain investor for over 14 years and together with his business partner, David Gibbs, founded ParkLogic which both maximizes domain revenue and manages domain portfolios for clients the world over. Michael is a regular industry commentator via his blog whizzbangsblog.com and regularly speaks at global industry events.Both an avid writer and reader Michael has recently completed his first science fiction novel, “Battleframe” which will be published later in January. He has been happily married to Roselyn for 27 years and they have three wonderful children.